Campus Life

How would you like to spend part of your day doing something that you love? Butler Tech programs allow you to spend a large part of your day in lab working on hands-on projects. Your instructors are industry experts who will help you start gaining skills and experiences that lead to a better future. They will design an educational experience that is right for you. Many programs even offer free college credit options while you are still in high school!

New places mean new faces

Since Butler Tech has students from several area schools, you’ll be meeting many new people. Butler Tech has a diverse culture and lots of students who share your interests.

We find that by the end of their first week at Butler Tech, our students are making new friends who share their passion – who are interested in the same things that they are. Geographic lines of where you came from quickly disappear, because you are connecting on a different level. You’ll also find that this skill of meeting new people and connecting with them will help you later in life, whether in college or the workplace.

Make a fresh start in high school in a new school, with new teachers and classmates. Butler Tech gives you the opportunity to define who you are and share all you have to offer.

Stay active at your home school

Butler Tech students are encouraged to be involved in their home school and Butler Tech activities at whatever level they choose. We have many students who participate in sports, band, drama club, homecoming court and other extracurricular activities.

Need to go to band class at your home school in the middle of the day? A drama rehearsal that conflicts with one of your classes? Or what about a game right after school? We’ll work with you to figure out a way to make it happen. In addition, counselors from your home school come to Butler Tech campuses once a week to keep you up to date on what is happening. And remember, you will graduate from your home school.