When you enroll at Butler Tech, you remain a student of your home high school. That means you will graduate from your home high school and receive the same diploma as other graduates. The transcript of your high school record will be maintained by your home school district.

Butler Tech holds a senior ceremony for graduates at the end of the school year. Students will receive a certificate for their career training program, as well as recognition for honors earned during the course of your study.

The 2019 Senior Ceremony will be held at the Xavier University Cintas Center on May 13 at 7:00 p.m.


Future Focus

Though we do not expect that all of our students will enter Butler Tech with a clear college or future plan, we do expect that most of our students will leave us with one!

College or Career Technical Education

We have full-time college counselors who work with students on the application process, including support around the financial aid application process and exploring college options. If you have not yet thought about college as an option, that’s fine — we are here to help you identify which path is best for you and to support you in your efforts to follow that path!

There are many rewarding careers that do not require a college degree. Butler Tech Adult Education offers many programs to help students earn industry credentials after high school.

Entering the Workforce

The skills learned in many of our programs allow students to enter the workforce with industry credentials right out of high school. You can work in a field you love without having to wait. Some students also use the skills they’ve acquired to earn better pay while pursuing additional education.