Equine Science

Would you like to work with horses on a daily basis? The Butler Tech Equine Science Program puts real-life learning to use. Students work with horses through riding, training and providing regular health checks. These learning opportunities are all tied to the two-year program goals. Students will learn responsible equine management principles and routine husbandry practices, business management and legal compliance. When they complete the program, our students will have an understanding of the equine anatomy and be able to describe the physiology and function in its biological systems.

For the 20 horses on the Butler Tech Natural Science Center campus, students will apply knowledge of health and nutrition when designing preventive health care plans, breeding plans and feed management programs. Safe handling, grooming, training, equipment selection/maintenance/use and emergency care techniques are developed and applied on a daily basis.

Students will evaluate responsible stewardship practices and develop production management strategies that emphasize the industry’s goals through good reproductive decision-making.

Finally, students will develop business leadership and communication skills critical to the application knowledge gained in the equine field. No riding or horse experience is necessary for students enrolling in this program, just a love of horses and a desire to learn more.

  • Enrollment

    Butler Tech Equine Science is a full time program for high school juniors and seniors. Students will apply during their sophomore year.

  • College Opportunities

    Some of the college courses of study pursued by Equine Science graduates include:

    • UC Blue Ash College – 2-year Associate’s Degree to be a Veterinary Technician
    • Ohio State – ATI, Wooster, Ohio – 2-year Associate’s Degree in Horse Science, Dairy Science, Livestock Science
    • University of Findlay – 4-year Bachelor’s Degree in Pre Vet then on to OSU to complete your Veterinary Degree
    • Ohio State University – 8-year Doctoral Degree in Veterinary Medicine
    • Hocking College – 2-year Associate’s Degree as a Certified Equine Therapist
    • Wilmington College – 2-year Associate’s Degree or 4-year Bachelor’s Degree in Business/Management
    • Ohio State – 4-year Bachelor’s Degree in Agriculture Education

  • Career Pathways

    • Assistant trainer
    • Breeding technician
    • Entry level support industry personnel
      • Apparel
      • Buildings
      • Health products
      • Nutrition
      • Supplies
    • Equine veterinary assistant
    • Farrier apprentice
    • Racetrack or show groom
    • Stable manager