School of the Arts


Butler Tech School of the Arts offers an intensive training program for students interested in the visual or performing arts. Students can select a major in either Performing Arts or Visual Design.

Within Performing Arts, students are asked to pick an area of focus in Dance, Music (Vocal or Instrumental) or Theatre. All programs are focused primarily on college preparation, and the class day is structured very much like a college program. Students are able to take college courses in nearly every subject area, and some college courses are taught on our campus.

Our academic and career-technical classes are all delivered in a blended (online and in-person) environment with highly qualified teachers who make the most of current technology to create a truly individualized educational experience.

Everyone at School of the Arts is focused on the arts, creating a fun and creative environment in which students thrive and build supportive, professional relationships with faculty and their peers. We believe there is nowhere quite like the School of the Arts. If you have a passion for the arts, this is the place for you!

  • Academics

    Butler Tech School of the Arts uses a blended learning model for core academics required for high school graduation. That means courses are taught both by on-site teachers and online. Each student will receive a fully functional laptop computer as part of their enrollment. Students who meet graduation and program requirements may be eligible to keep the computer at no charge.

    Students will have the opportunity to take college level classes and earn free college credit while attending Butler Tech School of the Arts. This is an exceptional opportunity for students to reduce future college costs. School of the Arts has a full time school counselor who will work with students on exploring college options, the application process and financial aid.

  • Cost

    There is no cost for high school juniors and seniors to attend Butler Tech School of the Arts. Materials and supplies will be provided unless otherwise noted. Students will become members of SkillsUSA, which requires a $32 fee.

  • Transportation

    Busing to the School of the Arts is provided by our associate school districts. Students may also drive their own vehicle with the purchase of a parking permit.

  • FAQ

    • Students will be on the School of the Arts Campus full time during their junior and senior years.
    • Your high school diploma will be from your home high school, and you are able to participate in your graduation ceremony there. You can also participate in sports and social events such as prom.
    • All students become members of SkillsUSA at a small annual fee.
    • All materials and supplies, including instruments, are provided for our programs, unless noted elsewhere.
    • Transportation is provided, or you can drive yourself to campus.
    • Three out of four of our students go directly into college upon graduation.