All students receive a basic exposure to all areas within Performing Arts and are asked to specialize in one focus area for more intensive training.

All Performing Arts students will take Business of Arts and Communication and one required course in their major area, in addition to at least two additional courses from the Performing Arts pathway in order to complete the program. All students become members of SkillsUSA and will earn a minimum of four credits in their career technical area over the course of the program.

Courses include:

  • Business of Arts and Communications
  • Dance
  • Choreography
  • Acting Performance
  • Acting and Script Analysis
  • Costuming and Makeup
  • Musical Concepts
  • Musical Engineering
  • Musical Ensemble and Composition.

For the Capstone project during the senior year senior year, students apply arts and communication program knowledge and skills in a more comprehensive and authentic way. Capstones are project/problem-based learning opportunities that take place both in and away from school.

Under the supervision of the school and through partnerships, students combine classroom learning with work experience to benefit themselves and others. These can take the form of mentorship, employment, cooperative education, apprenticeships, and internships.