Visual Art & Design


The Visual Art Design program at the School of the Arts covers the broad spectrum of career opportunities related to Visual Arts and Graphic Design. Students receive a basic exposure to all areas within Visual Design and graduate with a portfolio that can be used in job interviews and in the college application process.

All Visual Design students will take Business of Arts and Communication and three additional courses in the pathway, in addition to completing a senior year Capstone project in their preferred visual medium.

Courses include Visual Creation, Digital Print Design, Photographic Composition and more. The business side of the arts is also taught: marketing, branding, producing, promoting, booking, budgeting and merchandising, and more. Students learn and apply intellectual property rights, licensing, copyright, royalties, liabilities and contractual agreements.

For the Capstone project, students apply program knowledge and skills in a more comprehensive and authentic way. Capstones are project/problem-based learning opportunities that occur both in and away from school. Under the supervision of the school and through partnerships, students combine classroom learning with work experience to benefit themselves and others. These can take the form of mentorship employment, cooperative education, apprenticeships, and internships.