Project Life 201

Project LIFE 201 is a combined education and work experience program for students with disabilities. Project LIFE 201 is focused on the further development of skills that students will need for employment and independence in adulthood. The program consists of a combination of 30 percent classroom instruction and 70 percent unpaid entry-level job training experiences in a variety of community businesses. The classroom instruction portion of the program emphasizes skills in team building, personal financial literacy, social communication, self-advocacy, technology, employability, independent living and functional independence in the community.

Project LIFE 201 students have opportunities to progress through the Butler Tech transition programs with a goal of increased independence and entry-level employment. Upon completion of transition programs, students are expected to seek employment and collaborate with adult service agencies.

Transportation to and from programming is provided by local school districts as arranged during the IEP (Individualized Education Program) meeting that occurs before starting the program.

Applicants to Project LIFE 201 must have met their high school graduation requirements, have acceptable attendance records and demonstrate behaviors appropriate for the community setting. Applications must be completed in collaboration and agreement with the student’s IEP team.

Project LIFE 201 is a collaboration between Butler Tech, Butler County Board of Developmental Disabilities, Butler Behavioral Health/Workplace Associates, local school districts and area businesses.