Three Butler Tech students elected to state office with Business Professionals of America

Ohio BPA officers
Three Butler Tech students have been elected to state officer positions with Ohio Business Professionals of America (BPA). Carlos Boyd (Northwest High School) was elected as the state president. Aston Gerber (Fairfield High School) was elected secretary. Zachary Rush (Monroe High School) was elected historian. Butler Tech students make up three of the six elected positions on the BPA state leadership team.


BPA is a career technical student organization for students pursuing careers in business management, office administration, information technology and related fields. The BPA state leadership team represents more than 8,500 student members from 19 regions located throughout Ohio. The team is responsible for planning two major annual conferences, and for setting and carrying out annual goals.


To become a state office candidate, students had to work through an intensive screening process. Twelve finalists were selected, who had to campaign and caucus for elected office.


About the officers:

Carlos BoydCarlos Boyd (president) is enrolled in Butler Tech’s Financial Services Honors program at Northwest High School with instructor Peter Clark. “My goal is to give back to Business Professionals of America as much as they have given to me. I decided the best way to do so is running for state officer. I have confidence in my ability as a leader, which I have demonstrated as president of my chapter, manager of my school’s credit union, and as an intern at the state and national levels. I plan on helping our organization reach new heights and exceed the expectations that have been set for us in the past. This is the year BPA spreads their wings and rises above!”


Aston GerberAston Gerber (secretary) is enrolled in Butler Tech’s Information Technology program at D. Russel Lee with instructor Tom Newman. “Over the past two years, I’ve had the honor and the privilege to serve my peers and a Local, Chapter, and Region 17 President. I have a mission to serve the members of BPA, to meet their needs and work with my associates to ensure that everything is running efficiently. I am running for state office to bring my mission to the state level. If elected, I will work closely with my associates and reach out to all the regions in Ohio, to ensure everyone’s BPA experience is a great one.”


Zachary RushZachary Rush (historian) is enrolled in Butler Tech’s Information Technology program at D. Russel Lee with instructor Tom Newman. “To me, being a state officer means much more than just attending a few meetings and holding conferences. Being a state officer means that you are willing to test your level of responsibility and leadership skills by helping every BPA individual in an entire state. I want to be a BPA state officer to better myself as a person. Every morning, I look in the mirror and tell myself to be a better man than who I was yesterday. Being a BPA state officer won’t be easy, but I will fight to help all I can no matter what.”


Jason HentzA fourth officer finalist, Jason Hentz of Northwest High School, did not receive a position on the state officer team but will be eligible to run for an officer position with national BPA in spring of 2017.