Top national rankings for Teacher Academy students

Butler Tech Teacher Academy students from L to R: Caelyn Reeder, Camryn Riggs, Brent Newton, Allison Hoffart, Keslie Robinson-Brewer, Hannah Tillery, Makayla Schul

Several students from Butler Tech’s Teacher Academy demonstrated confidence and support in one another as they earned top rankings at the 2018 Educators Rising national competition, hosted in Orlando, Florida.

The Educators Rising national competition offered 21 performance-based events for students to display their knowledge, skills and leadership in education. Of those events, eight students from the Teacher Academy participated in the following categories: Inside Our Schools, Ethical Dilemma, Children’s Literature K-3, and Job Interview.

Camryn Riggs, Makayla Schul, Keslie Robinson-Brewer and Hannah Tillery celebrate their winning 2nd place in the ‘Inside Your Schools’ competition.

Congratulations to these students and their incredible accomplishments, as well as Brecka Russo, Teacher Academy Instructor, for her time and dedication in assisting students in their preparation.

Education Rising National Results

Competition: Inside Our Schools
Place: 2nd
Competitors: Hannah Tillery, Keslie Robinson-Brewer, Makayla Schul, Camryn Riggs

Competition: Ethical Dilemma
Place: 9th
Competitors: Caelyn Reeder, Allison Hoffart

Competition: Children’s Literature K-3
Place: 10th
Competitors: Caelyn Reeder, Allison Hoffart