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Project SEARCH is a school-to-work program for students with disabilities who are serious about working hard and getting a job. It is designed to provide entry-level work experiences in a business setting.

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The primary focus of this program is to provide program participants with specific job training instruction and skill development that will prepare them for competitive entry-level employment by the end of the program. Classroom instruction is limited and will focus on topics related to getting and maintaining a job.

While at Project SEARCH, program participants will spend the majority of the day participating in unpaid job training experiences with fading (gradually reduced) job coach support. Student interns will participate in three entry-level job training rotations throughout the school year, followed by job development in their community.

Project SEARCH is a full-day program and follows the Butler Tech High School calendar. Transportation to and from programming is provided by local school districts as arranged during the IEP (Individualized Education Program) meeting that occurs before starting the program.

Applicants to Project SEARCH must have met their high school graduation requirements, have acceptable attendance records, demonstrate behaviors appropriate for the community setting and plan to exit school services and pursue employment upon completion of the program. Applications must be completed in collaboration and agreement with the student’s IEP team.

Project SEARCH is a collaboration among Butler Tech, Opportunities for Ohioans with DisabilitiesEasterseals Serving Greater CincinnatiAtrium Medical CenterMiami University, and UC Health West Chester Hospital.

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