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BT/Ross launches initiative to celebrate the diversity of abilities


Butler Tech/Ross High School students and staff recently launched the “True Strength” initiative, a commitment to inclusivity and celebrating the diversity of abilities. This program emerges from the successful blueprint laid down by the inaugural Champion’s Day, a collaborative effort between DECA students led by Amy Miller, HOSA students under the guidance of Megan Rudolph, and Rose Kappesser, an Intervention Specialist at Ross High School (RHS). The initiative draws inspiration from the All Champions program at Edgewood High School, championed by Rocky Chasteen, aiming to foster a similar culture of inclusivity and recognition at RHS.

The initiative’s foundation was laid during the first annual All Champion’s Day at RHS, a celebratory field day dedicated to students with multiple disabilities to promote an environment where diversity is not just recognized but celebrated.

“True Strength truly was the entire community coming together to celebrate everyone’s unique abilities. The committee who planned the event had a vision of inclusivity and put their hearts and souls into this event. We could not be prouder of all of the students, athletes, and community members who attended this event,” shared the event committee.

The vision for the True Strength initiative gained further momentum following a partnership with Darren Walters of Headlines Sports, who reached out to collaborate on expanding this vision. The initiative officially kicked off with a basketball event that not only celebrated the abilities of all participants but also raised over $3,000 for the special education departments of Ross and Harrison High Schools. The event, emceed by Tyler Bradshaw from The Joe Nuxhall Miracle League, was a huge success, and a celebration of love, compassion, and the strength of community.

The True Strength initiative represents a significant step forward in creating an inclusive, empowering, and enriching learning environment and the community’s dedication to embracing all individual’s unique strengths and abilities.

For more information on the True Strength initiative contact:

Amy Miller – milleran@Butlertech.org

Megan Rudolph – rudolphm@Butlertech.org