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Butler Tech Celebrates Dual Wins at Ohio ACTE 2024 Career-Tech Excellence Awards


Butler Tech is proud to announce that Stacie Lucas and Allison Bruns have been honored with the Ohio ACTE 2024 Career-Tech Excellence Awards. Stacie Lucas has been named the Post-Secondary Teacher of the Year, and Allison Bruns has been recognized as the High School Teacher of the Year. This exceptional achievement also marks a significant milestone for Butler Tech, as it is rare to have both award recipients from the same institution in the same year.

Stacie Lucas – Ohio ACTE 2024 Career-Tech Excellence Awards: Post-Secondary Teacher of the Year

Stacie Lucas was nominated by Dr. Sarah Delong, Butler Tech Associate Director of Health Programs, who described Stacie as a hybrid educator who excels both as a secondary teacher and an adult education instructor.

“She has been instrumental in building and sustaining Butler Tech’s LPN high school program,” shared Delong. “When the high school licensed nurse practitioner program at the Bioscience Center faced a faculty resignation, Stacie stepped in to ensure continuity, demonstrating her unwavering commitment to student success. She consistently puts students first and does whatever she can to make it work. I am amazed at what she has done and the countless hours she has put in over the last year.”

Stacie’s relationship with her students is characterized by deep care and encouragement. Her classroom is a haven of positivity, where students are motivated to excel and are celebrated for their achievements. Delong notes, “Her students light up when I see them. They all wear crowns Stacie made during midterms to remember they are queens and can do anything.” This tradition of fostering self-belief and resilience among her students has made a lasting impact.

Her colleagues also hold Stacie in high regard for her ability to maintain strong relationships with faculty and clinical sites. “Stacie sees the best in her peers even when things are not going our way,” Delong added. Her leadership, dedication, and positive outlook have been pivotal in advancing Butler Tech’s nursing programs.





Allison Bruns – Ohio ACTE 2024 Career-Tech Excellence Awards: High School Teacher of the Year

Allison Bruns was nominated by Jeremy West, Butler Tech Entrepreneurship Coordinator, and is celebrated for her innovative and empathetic approach to teaching. West says she creates a nurturing and inclusive environment by establishing transparent expectations and integrating mental health check-ins with academic milestones. “Allison demonstrates a holistic understanding of her students’ development,” West highlighted. Her commitment to understanding the unique needs of each student ensures that academic and emotional well-being are equally prioritized.

Allison’s dedication extends beyond traditional teaching methods. In a challenging unit on Miscarriage and Stillbirth, she guided her students through a project of painting rocks as therapeutic tokens for families who have experienced pregnancy struggles. This initiative underscores her commitment to empathy and real-life connections in education.

West praised Allison’s fearless approach to teaching, noting her willingness to embrace new and untested methods. “Allison stands out as a shining example of a risk-taker in the realm of education,” he said. Her readiness to explore uncharted territories in teaching fosters a dynamic and growth-oriented classroom environment.

Allison’s impact is profound, extending beyond her students to her colleagues. “Her thoughtful and caring approach creates a positive and nurturing environment that truly makes a difference in the lives of students and colleagues alike,” West remarked.


Having both Stacie Lucas and Allison Bruns recognized with the Ohio ACTE Career-Tech Excellence Awards in the same year is a testament to Butler Tech’s commitment to excellence in education. Their achievements highlight the dedication, innovation, and unwavering support our educators provide to their students and the community.

Join us in congratulating Stacie Lucas and Allison Bruns! The awards will be presented at the Career-Tech Excellence Awards and Recognition Ceremony during the Ohio ACTE 2024 ALL Ohio Conference in July.