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Butler Tech Instructors Recognized for Exceptional Contribution to Community and Career Education


The West Chester/Liberty Rotary honored six distinguished community members, among them, Butler Tech Teacher of the Year, Allison Bruns, a Family and Consumer Science teacher at Fairfield High School, and Rich Packer, an Aviation Instructor at the D. Russel Lee (DRL) campus, for their impact on their communities and career tech education.

Three of the six honorees received a crystal award for their exceptional service and commitment, with Rich Packer being one of the esteemed recipients. These awards highlight the extraordinary efforts of individuals who are not only advancing their professions but also enhancing the community’s well-being through education.

Amy Webb, Butler Tech Satellite Supervisor praised Allison Bruns, saying, “Alli was born to be a teacher. She creates a learning environment that pushes students to excel and take control of their futures.” Webb highlighted Bruns’ innovative projects, such as designing Halloween costumes for NICU preemies and developing parenting programs for local daycares, underscoring her role in shaping responsible future citizens.

Kristen AbuDakar, Director of Butler Tech’s Fairfield Twp. Campus commended Rich Packer for his passion and contribution to aviation education at Butler Tech. “Rich’s dedication is evident as he prepares students for the global job market through advanced training, internships, and creating professional networks,” said AbuDakar. His efforts in expanding the aviation program are setting a benchmark for educational excellence and student success in an in-demand industry.

The recognition of these educators underscores the vital role of career and technical education in providing students with rigorous academic instruction and real-world experiences. By honing their skills and knowledge, Butler Tech’s instructors like Bruns and Packer are not just teaching; they are transforming lives and fostering community growth. Their dedication to student success and community betterment exemplifies the profound impact of committed educators in shaping a brighter future for our students.