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Congratulations to the NEW 2023 Student Ambassadors


Congratulations to the students chosen for the Student Ambassador program! These students are among the most energetic, involved, and passionate students at Butler Tech! They exemplify the very best of what Butler Tech has to offer by confidently representing their program, campus, and career technical education.

These students submitted a four-part video application and received approval from their instructor and campus administration in order to be chosen as Student Ambassador!

Look for them, as well as the Senior Student Ambassadors during events and recruitment such as Career Days, Campus Tours, Open House, and more!

BIOBiomedical ScienceMaryam Tunkara
BIOBiomedical ScienceBrooklyn Jennings
BIODental ScienceMadison Brown
BIODental ScienceLiberty Hudson
BIOExercise ScienceCadance Wenham
BIOExercise ScienceAlenah McGuire
BIOHealthcare ScienceMaddox Williams
BIOHealthcare ScienceKenzie Allen
BIOHealthcare ScienceCynthia Justice
BIOHealthcare ScienceDhan Khadka
BIOHealthcare ScienceHolley McCarty
DRL10th Grade AcademyEmma Scheffler
DRL10th Grade AcademyAnna Marcus
DRL10th Grade AcademyJill Garland
DRLAutomotive TechnologyCollin Johnson
DRLAutomotive TechnologyJealynn Hedzik
DRLAviationkam tarbert
DRLAviationEthan Lutz
DRLAviationWyatt Pratt
DRLBusinessNikole Hanson
DRLBusinessOlivia Banner
DRLConstructionItzel Perez
DRLConstructionCarter Sanford
DRLCosmetologyAeriana Claudio
DRLCosmetologyKaitlynn Dunbar
DRLCosmetologyKaidyn Robinson
DRLCosmetologyMickenzie James
DRLCriminal JusticeAriel Marshall
DRLCriminal JusticeChloe Sanders
DRLCulinary ArtsCindi Mendoza-Mateo
DRLCulinary ArtsLogan Patterson
DRLDigital MediaAbram Castillo
DRLDigital MediaMax Niehaus
DRLFirefighting TechnologyTaylor Gregory
DRLFirefighting TechnologyBrad Sharpshair
DRLGraphic DesignCarly (Dakota) Kerstine
DRLGraphic designKat Blatnik
DRLInformation TechnologyMason Brewer
DRLInformation TechnologyMicah Mitchell
DRLInformation technologyAshley Fouetsa
DRLInformation TechnologyKamila Nieto
DRLMechatronicsAyden Longbottom
DRLMechatronicsNox Heidt
DRLPrecision MachiningPhurin Lehman
DRLWeldingCarson Julian
DRLWeldingRiley Russell
NSCEquine ScienceEmma Slattery
NSCEquine ScienceKiah Fairley
NSCGreen EngineeringJackson Petelle
NSCGreen EngineeringKhira Flood
NSCVeterinary ScienceAngie Begic
NSCVeterinary ScienceConnor Witte
NSCVeterinary ScienceRosie Pille
NSCVeterinary ScienceAshley Zamudio Cruz
NSCVeterinary ScienceIsabella Richmond
SOADanceEmma Iames
SOADanceAlyssa Slotsve
SOAInstrumental MusicAlex Salazar
SOATheatreFelix Phelps
SOATheatreBrooklynn Phelan
SOAVisual Art and DesignJoshua Graham
SOAVisual Art and DesignGeny Gallardo Peralta
SOAVocal MusicMadeline Webb
SOAVocal MusicCherly Gonzalez Calderon