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Empowering Future Female Leaders: Butler Tech Adult Ed Partnership with Mercy McAuley High School


Butler Tech Adult Education is pleased to celebrate an elevated partnership with Mercy McAuley High School. Butler Tech has a long history of preparing students for careers in healthcare. However, this year, we are collaborating with Mercy McAuley to expand our reach and provide an even more immersive educational experience for their students.

For the past two years, students from Mercy McAuley have come to Butler Tech Adult Education’s LeSourdsville Campus to earn their State Tested Nurse Aide (STNA) certification.  Traditionally, the students would undertake the STNA program during the spring or summer at Butler Tech. However, the partnership with Mercy McAuley allowed us to introduce a semester-long course right at their campus. This innovative approach brought the classroom to life as Mercy McAuley built a lab specifically for this course.

“We are proud to have a space in our building for future female leaders in the medical field to learn and grow,” said Katie Geckle, Mercy McCauley’s assistant principal. “The staff at Butler Tech have provided so much guidance as we build our nursing lab, but more importantly, have worked so intentionally to ensure the success of our students.”

By becoming licensed State Tested Nurse Aides, these students have unlocked numerous employment opportunities and an excellent foundation for those who aspire to pursue nursing degrees in college.

“It is a gift to have Mercy McAuley students graduate with their Nurses Aid license; that is not an experience available to all high school students. We cannot wait to continue to grow the program!”