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Hearing and Vision Screenings Info and Opt Out


Butler Tech will conduct vision and hearing screenings for our students during late January and February. These screenings are a vital part of ensuring that your student has all the tools necessary for success in their educational journey.

Why Screenings Are Important:

  • Vision: Early detection of vision issues is crucial. Students may not realize their vision is impaired, and undiagnosed problems can lead to challenges in learning and development.
  • Hearing: Similarly, identifying hearing issues early can significantly impact a student’s academic performance and social interactions.

Results & Follow-up:

  • Results will be communicated to you, and any recommendations for further evaluation will be provided if necessary.

Opt-Out Option:

We understand that some parents may choose not to have their students participate in these screenings. If you wish to opt your child out, please email our District Nurse at delongt@butlertech.org.

Your decision to opt-out should be communicated to us by Friday, January 26, 2024.