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More than 200 Butler Tech Healthcare students qualify for HOSA State Leadership Conference


HOSA logoCongratulations to more than 200 Butler Tech students from Bioscience Center, Edgewood, Lakota East & Freshman, Lakota West & Freshman, Northwest, and Ross for qualifying to compete in the HOSA State Leadership Conference in March.

HOSA is a global student-led organization recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and the Department of Health and Human Services and several federal and state agencies. HOSA’s mission is to empower HOSA-Future Health Professionals to become leaders in the global health community, through education, collaboration, and experience. HOSA actively promotes career opportunities in the health industry and to enhance the delivery of quality health care to all people. HOSA’s goal is to encourage all health science instructors and students to affiliate and be actively involved in the HSE-HOSA Partnership.





Mackenzie AllenEdgewoodHealth Career Photography1st
Lydia HerbEdgewoodBehavioral Health2nd
Maggie MartinEdgewoodSport Medicine1st
Ava ParkerEdgewoodHealth Career Display4th
Findlay SmithEdgewoodHealth Career Display4th
Allie WarenEdgewoodResearched Persuasive Writing & Speaking1st
Ben HamadLakota EastNutrition4th
Emma CooneyLakota EastHosa Bowl3rd
Meera SlaytonLakota EastHosa Bowl3rd
Josh AllanLakota EastHosa Bowl3rd
Izzy FischerLakota EastHosa Bowl3rd
Madalyn CoxLakota EastHosa Bowl1st
Ryder ParsellLakota EastHosa Bowl1st
Macy CollinsLakota EastHosa Bowl1st
Mia HinkleLakota EastHosa Bowl1st
Phoebe ToweLakota EastPublic Health3rd
Mallory SchroderLakota EastPublic Health3rd
Tori AdamsLakota EastPublic Health3rd
Emma FohlLakota EastPublic Health3rd
Kate RabinLakota EastPublic Health3rd
Hannah HuonLakota EastCPR2nd
Andrew HuonLakota EastCPR2nd
Sam HoltelLakota EastExtemporaneous writing3rd
Ryan PerdikakisLakota EastExtemporaneous writing1st
Katlyn PhamLakota EastHealthy lifestyle1st
Ethan HatschLakota EastHealthy lifestyle2nd
Jacob HummledorfLakota EastJob Seeking Skills3rd
Abby TheobaldLakota EastResearch Poster1st
Gavin MeyersLakota EastResearch Poster2nd
Sam SharpLakota EastCommunity Awareness1st
Reece SmithLakota EastCommunity Awareness1st
Ashley YoungLakota EastCommunity Awareness1st
Ryan BaroneLakota EastCreative Problem Solving2nd
Sara GolembiewskiLakota EastCreative Problem Solving2nd
Audrey JacksonLakota EastCreative Problem Solving2nd
Quinn BonfieldLakota EastHealth Career Display3rd
Tevor HallLakota EastHealth Career Display3rd
Sarang BackLakota EastHealth Career Display3rd
Avery FletcherLakota EastHealth Career Display1st
Sydney StoweLakota EastHealth Career Display1st
Lauren MatlackLakota EastMedical Innovation4th
James LuuLakota EastMedical Innovation4th
Poppy WallbankLakota EastMedical Innovation4th
Alyssa ClelandLakota EastPublic Service Announcement4th
Ethan KimineskiLakota EastPublic Service Announcement4th
Andrew NguyenLakota EastPublic Service Announcement4th
Abigail PriceLakota EastPublic Service Announcement4th
Ceriene AwadLakota EastPublic Service Announcement3rd
Krobia BaffourLakota EastPublic Service Announcement3rd
Matthew KanyaLakota EastPublic Service Announcement3rd
Austin HinchebergerLakota EastPublic Service Announcement3rd
Izzy RiederLakota EastHealth Career Photography4th
Rebekah ReussLakota EastHealth Career Photography2nd
Avery DavisLakota EastMental Health Promotions1st
William HamadLakota EastMental Health Promotions1st
Kiera MingLakota EastMental Health Promotions1st
Lainey HillLakota EastMental Health Promotions1st
Kennedy EmersonLakota EastMental Health Promotions1st
Jaelyn HuhynLakota EastMental Health Promotions1st
Caitlyn FredericksonLakota EastMental Health Promotions2nd
Caitlin SeilLakota EastMental Health Promotions2nd
Grace BradleyLakota EastMental Health Promotions2nd
Sydney MartinBioscience CenterBehavioral Health4th
Jay PatelBioscience CenterClinical Laboratory Science & HCI Exam & Med Term1st 3rd 2nd
Natalie CampbellBioscience CenterClinical Laboratory Science3rd
Ellyn RandolphBioscience CenterClinical Nursing3rd
Angelina GregoryBioscience CenterCommunity Awareness3rd
Anna MoralesBioscience CenterCommunity Awareness3rd
Brianna PartinBioscience CenterCommunity Awareness3rd
Madison SparksBioscience CenterCommunity Awareness3rd
Jada DetersBioscience CenterCommunity Awareness4th
Michelle MilliganBioscience CenterCommunity Awareness4th
Abby BaileyBioscience CenterCultural Diversities and Disparities4th
Amanda MeyerBioscience CenterDental Science2nd
Tifani SmallwoodBioscience CenterDental Science4th
Parsina TiwariBioscience CenterFamily Medicine Physician1st
Kirsten RichardsBioscience CenterHealth Career Photography3rd
Emerson AdamsBioscience CenterHome Health Aide1st
Andrea Menjvar GranadosBioscience CenterHome Health Aide2nd
Adriyana LanzaBioscience CenterHome Health Aide3rd
Linda HambrickBioscience CenterHome Health Aide4th
Aurora ScaliaBioscience CenterHuman Growth and Development3rd
Manzura ZokhidjonovaBioscience CenterJob Seeking Skills and HCI1st & 1st
Shalom AmsaluBioscience CenterNursing Assisting1st
Aissatou DehBioscience CenterNursing Assisting & HCI2nd & 2nd
Ragan WhitakerBioscience CenterNursing Assisting2nd
Gabrielle MorleyBioscience CenterPersonal Care1st
Ashley KaaiBioscience CenterPharmacy Science1st
Haylee RobisonBioscience CenterResearched Persuasive Writing and Speaking2nd
Evelyn Meza-RivasBioscience CenterResearched Persuasive Writing and Speaking4th
Katy GamaBioscience CenterMedical Terminology1st
Hanauer, JacksonLakota WestBiomedical Debate3rd
Campbell, KeeganLakota WestBiomedical Debate3rd
Reams, LoganLakota WestBiomedical Debate3rd
Smith, AdrianLakota WestBiomedical Debate3rd
Brite, EllieLakota WestCert Skills &2nd
Miller, ZoeLakota WestCert Skills2nd
Willbrand, CarterLakota WestClinical Lab Science2nd
Kieffer, CaraLakota WestClinical Nursing1st
Broz, CamrynLakota WestClinical Specialist2nd
Johnson, MaxxLakota WestCRP /1st Aid2nd
Plummer, LillyLakota WestCRP /1st Aid2nd
Allen, JoshLakota WestDental Terminology3rd
Bjurstrom, SamiLakota WestEpidemiology3rd
Nelson, BradyLakota WestExtemporaneous Writing1st
Lopez, BriannaLakota WestForensic Science2nd
Jensen, AlexaLakota WestForensic Science2nd
Carson, WillLakota WestForensic Science3rd
Urbassik, MicahLakota WestForensic Science3rd
Xue, WenXiangLakota WestHuman Growth & Development3rd
Hayes, SophiaLakota WestHuman Growth & Development4th
Bobba, YaashitaLakota WestHealth Career Photography2nd
Oli, SalinaLakota WestHealth Career Photography2nd
Ritz, PaytonLakota WestJob Seeking Skills2nd
Baer, BrechtLakota WestPharmacology4th
Barrett, CarterLakota WestJob Seeking Skills3rd
Hall, TylerLakota WestJob Seeking Skills4th
Skelton, CooperLakota WestNutrition1st
O’Neil, ZachLakota WestPathophysiology1st
Bradbury, BellaLakota WestPathophysiology4th
Jin, AnnieLakota WestPharmacy Science4th
Nimoh, JoelLakota WestPrepared Speaking1st
Nelson, LaurenLakota WestPhysical Therapy3rd
McMannis, JacobLakota WestPhysical Therapy4th
Lang, RileyLakota WestPSA1st
Mitchell, MiaLakota WestPSA1st
Christian, AdaLakota WestPSA1st
Kenyon, KacieLakota WestPSA1st
Roehm, AshlynLakota WestResearch Poster3rd
Strunk, AriannaLakota WestHealth Career Display3rd
Kaur, SeeratLakota WestHealth Career Display3rd
Zoe HessNorthwestCreative Problem Solving1st
Zariyah ButlerNorthwestCreative Problem Solving1st
Nathan FreyColerainCreative Problem Solving1st
Jamier CarpenterColerainCreative Problem Solving1st
Jemar HughesNorthwestBiotechnology3rd
JaNaysha BaileyNorthwestClinical Specialty3rd
Amaya NorrisNorthwestResearch Poster3rd
Luke RodenbeckNorthwestHuman Growth and Dev.3rd
Fernando FuentesNorthwestMedical Reading3rd
Kaleb JonesNorthwestJob Seeking Skills2nd
Ayesha FirdousLakota East BiomedCERT Skills2nd
Asma RajaLakota East BiomedCERT Skills2nd
Meckenzie AnaneLakota East BiomedClinical Nursing4th
Jessica Dossou-DjigahLakota East BiomedClinical Nursing3rd
Chloe KimeLakota East BiomedClinical Nursing2nd
Julia McGowanLakota East BiomedCPR/First Aid4tg
Brooke WilsonLakota East BiomedCPR/First Aid4th
Liyan AtariLakota East BiomedEmergency Medical Tech3rd
Khadijh, MahmodLakota East BiomedEmergency Medical Tech3rd
Emily FullerLakota East BiomedEmergency Medical Tech2nd
Mira SeppiLakota East BiomedEmergency Medical Tech2nd
Nolan WilliamsLakota East BiomedFoundation of Medical Reading1st
Addison BurchLakota East BiomedForensic Science3rd
Makayla GriffinLakota East BiomedForensic Science3rd
Angelica BhattiLakota East BiomedHealth Career Display2nd
Kayla LwangaLakota East BiomedHealth Career Display2nd
Kaitlyn BallengerLakota East BiomedMedical Innovation2nd
Josie BencicLakota East BiomedMedical Innovation2nd
Bryn WilliamsLakota East BiomedMedical Innovation2nd
Grayer WilliamsLakota East BiomedMedical Innovation2nd
Alviya ImranLakota East BiomedMedical Innovation3rd
Reham RamlawiLakota East BiomedMedical Innovation3rd
Shams SeeraLakota East BiomedMedical Innovation3rd
Manal SennounLakota East BiomedMedical Reading1st
Alexis ParkLakota East BiomedMedical Spelling2nd
Kat HobeLakota East BiomedNursing Assisting1st
Mehek BakaliLakota East BiomedPublic Health1st
Zeena BayyariLakota East BiomedPublic Health1st
Amisha KekriwalLakota East BiomedPublic Health1st
Natasha KejriwalLakota East BiomedPublic Health1st
Zoha KhanLakota East BiomedPublic Health1st
Ellie LeiningerLakota East BiomedPublic Health1st
Karina AslanyanLakota East BiomedPublic Service Annoucement2nd
Abby BurghardLakota East BiomedPublic Service Annoucement2nd
Avni PatelLakota East BiomedPublic Service Annoucement2nd
Kelsey RetzschLakota East BiomedPublic Service Annoucement2nd
Abby WilsonLakota WestCommunity Awareness/Medical Art Poster/ATC Anatomy1st
Riya PatelLakota WestCommunity Awareness/Medical Art Poster/ATC Anatomy1st
Allison NguyenLakota WestPharmacy Science1st
Amy ClaggettLakota WestVoting Delegate/Medical Art PosterN/A
Borianna MateyLakota WestBiomedical Debate #102742nd
Colby BalesLakota WestDental Terminology1st
Diya PestonjeeLakota WestBiomedical Debate #102784th
Elyes HafidiLakota WestResearch Poster1st
Erica ShahLakota WestMedical Assisting/Medical Art Poster/1st
Gabby MonsalveLakota WestMedical Assisting/4th
Haya AnjakLakota WestPrepared Speaking4th
Ishanvi KarthikeyanLakota WestMedical Spelling1st
Joanna WangLakota WestBiomedical Debate #102784th
Kelldia AyuketahLakota WestCPR/First Aid1st
Kayla BrossLakota WestCPR/First Aid1st
Kazuki IshiharaLakota WestBiomedical Debate #102742nd
Liane ThomasLakota WestPharmacology/ATC Anatomy1st
Marie GabriviolichLakota WestMedical Law and Ethics1st
Mona AllenLakota WestBiomedical Debate #102742nd
Natalie MayerLakota WestBiotechnology1st
Navya DalalLakota WestMental Health Promotion1st
Prashi VatsalLakota WestMedical Law and Ethics3rd
Prithika PadmanbhanLakota WestResearched Persuasive Speaking and Writing1st
Samantha GambleLakota WestMental Health Promotion1st
Serena KaldasLakota WestMental Health Promotion1st
Sophie ChenLakota WestBiomedical Debate #102784tg
Sunitvir TaunqueLakota WestMedical Spelling3rd
Tram CaoLakota WestBiotechnology1st
Zahra WasanwalaLakota WestClinical Nursing4th
Raegan BenekerRossHealth Career Display #101722nd
Anna BrownRossHealth Career Display #101722nd
Landyn CampbellRossCreative Problem-Solving #101692nd
Gabby EaganRossCommunity Awareness #101651st
Landen Foster-GessnerRossCreative Problem-Solving #101692nd
Kylie FrancisRossMental Health Promotion #101592nd
Kara GassmanRossCommunity Awareness #101651st
Chelsey HairRossHealth Education #101813rd
Shannon NealRossCreative Problem-Solving #101692nd
Amber RookRossCommunity Awareness #101651st
Madeline SchnieberRossCommunity Awareness #101651st
Anabell SmithRossBehavioral Health2nd
Ella TrenkampRossMental Health Promotion #101592nd
Bella VanderbiltRossHealth Education #101813rd
Anna Lee WhitamoreRossMental Health Promotion #101592nd
Keithen CastatorRossEpidemiology3rd