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Student Ambassador Senior Recognition Dinner


Butler Tech celebrated the incredible journey of our senior Student Ambassadors at the annual Senior Recognition Dinner! These extraordinary students have not only represented Butler Tech with pride but have also set a remarkable standard of leadership and commitment.

In the 2023-2024 academic year alone, our ambassadors have achieved an impressive array of milestones:

  • Hosted 2,350 sophomores over three exciting Career Days.
  • Led nearly 100 small group tours on Fridays and Saturdays, showcasing the best of Butler Tech.
  • Conducted 68 Q&A sessions for over 2,700 eager 8th graders, sparking curiosity and inspiration.
  • Organized two dozen campus/lab tours for local businesses, organizations, and elected officials.
  • Represented our district at prestigious events like the Ohio School Board Association Capital Conference and the Anthony Munoz Leadership Retreat.
  • Participated in the Butler Tech Student Ambassador Leadership Retreat, honing their skills and preparing for future challenges.
  • Starred in numerous photography and video sessions, helping to create engaging print ads, campus culture showcases, and program videos.
  • Helped guide career tech educators from Alaska, Virginia, Georgia, Arizona, and Washington through our innovative facilities as Butler Tech leads the future of career tech.

But beyond these numbers lies the true essence of their impact—the unquantifiable Passion, Purpose, and Impact that each ambassador has brought to their role, transforming not only their lives but also those of everyone they’ve interacted with.

Congratulations to these outstanding young leaders. Their dedication has not only enhanced the experience of every visitor to Butler Tech but also set a vibrant example for future Student Ambassadors.