Butler Tech students’ volunteer efforts add momentum to growing baseball program

Butler Tech students volunteer to renovate Crawford Woods ball fields in Hamilton

Butler Tech students volunteer to renovate Crawford Woods ball fields in Hamilton

The hard work is now complete, so it’s time to PLAY BALL at Crawford Woods Park on Hamilton’s east side.

This year, area youth that make up 24 baseball and softball teams, will spend their spring and summer on improved ball fields all because of the volunteer efforts of more than two dozen Butler Tech Construction Technologies and Landscaping Science students.

“They’ve worked pretty much all school year,” said Greg Ronquist, Vice President of Hamilton Fairfield Little League.” “It would have taken us years to do anything like this.”

Ronquist said the ball fields and dug outs, originally built in the 1960s had been neglected over time. Although the city owns the park, it’s the Hamilton Fairfield Little League that’s responsible for maintaining it.

“The work the kids have done out here has been so positive that this year, we saw a 25-percent increase in registration,” Ronquist said. “That’s about 70 more kids wanting to play baseball.”

To celebrate the new and improved ball fields, Opening Day ceremonies will be held April 15, 2017. A parade beginning at 9:00 am will kick off the celebration followed by the introduction of teams, a guest speaker, and the National Anthem.

“This experience has meant so much for both me personally and for the community,” said Terence Daniels, Butler Tech Construction Technologies senior. “Being able to share this with my classmates bonds us and together we are giving back for generations to come.”

The work completed includes: 8 improved dug outs with new roofs, new bleachers, and fields with new dirt and bases.

“I hope people can see that high schoolers can make a difference in their communities and do something with their lives,” said Daniels.

The difference the students have made equals about $10,000 worth of volunteer work.

“I’m proud of them,” said Clem Skinner, Butler Tech Construction Technologies Instructor. “They have gotten real world construction and landscaping experience that will benefit them in the future.”

“This has really given us a lot of momentum,” said Ronquist. “We’re so grateful.”

And now that momentum can carry on for generations to come in a community that greatly enjoys… America’s Favorite Pastime.